Toby The Long Haired Doxie and Rio the Terrier Mix Visited Us in Sacramento

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Here in the Bradshaw area of Sacramento, we have a picture of Toby the truly beautiful Long Haired Doxie and Rio the (Fox)Terrier mix. These two were good sports about their vaccinations and are good pets to have around the house. Rio, being a mixed Fox Terrier, has in his background, a lot of smarts and an eager enthusiastic temperament. All the terriers are derived from working dogs and have the common characteristic of being good at human interaction and also at the self directed activity so it is important to keep them busy. On the other hand, the Dachshund is a curious breed, part terrier (that’s the digging & feisty part) and part Hound (that’s the scent hound part). Their distant ancestors may date to ancient Egypt and their more recent ones date to the 15th century. Standard Doxies were refined for following and chasing Badgers into their den to flush them out into the hands of the hunters while the miniature Doxies were bred to do the same to rabbits. Doxies come in smooth coat, long silky coat, wire coat and a wide variety of colors. The common colors include black/tan, red, shaded color with black back hairs and merle or dapple and the color known as “piebald.” Toby is a perfect example of a well bred and good looking Long Haired Miniature Dachshund. – Geoffrey Antipa



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