Dixie tHE Standard Poodle Visited Us In Galt

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At our Galt vaccination clinic, we were visited by this perfectly groomed Standard Poodle named Dixie. Dixie is lucky to have her favorite human along and her human is lucky to have Dixie as a friend and these dogs seem to have a consistently great relationship with their human family. Standard Poodles have a long history of working hunting dogs and an almost equally long history as companion dogs. The Poodle originated in 15’th c Germany as ‘Pudelhund’ and, as the name implies, was a working water dog. They are still used as hunting retrievers, their dense coat is nearly waterproof and they love water. In spite of the hairy appearance, all Poodles shed minimally and are considered hypoallergenic though they do require grooming or clipping. Intelligence, trainability and close interaction with the owner is characteristic of Standard Poodles – Geoffrey Antipa



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