Kira the German Shepherd Visites Us In Woodland

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Look at that big baby still being carried around! At Woodland we saw Kira the German Shepherd who has found herself a great human friend. Over the past 5 to 10 years we have seen an increase in the number of Shepherd pets and some of them are great but some of them are untrained and unhappy. The German Shepard was developed in 1890s Germany from shepherding stock. By the 1920s their breed characteristics of strength, loyalty, courage and intelligence made them useful as guide, protection, search/rescue, and police dogs. I once saw a game warden’s Shepherd which could do just about anything. When the dog saw me it alerted but at a word it sat down by the rangers leg. As we talked the dog never took its eyes off me but it never moved a muscle and eventually at another single word command the dog turned back to the truck, hopped in and lay down. The ranger told me the dog could detect and find killed game, humans, guns, spent shells and more! An untrained Shepherd can be a real problem but a well trained Shepherd is a delight to have around so start early and expect good results! – Geoffrey Antipa



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