Luna The Labrador Retriever Visited Our Carmichael Clinic

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Sometimes we forget about the most common dogs who can make the best pets. Here at our Carmichael clinic, we see Luna who is a Labrador Retriever, which is a breed closely related to the Newfoundland and referred to as the Lesser Newfoundland. Labs have been bred to retrieve waterfowl and therefore have a gentle mouth, good tolerance for being in the water, are co-operative and good-natured and tend not to make a lot of noise. Labs come in black, golden or chocolate color and make excellent pets, companions, and working partners. The only problem might be that without enough to do, labs can be expected to come up with entertainment of their own – like chewing all the wrong stuff, digging up the garden for you or helping transplant your new plantings (which were just replanted after yesterday’s transplant episode). . . and much more so give ’em exercise and enjoy one of the most agreeable of all the big dogs – Geoffrey Antipa



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