Jackson The Boston Terrier Visited Us In Auburn

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Jackson, who we saw at our Auburn clinic, is a Boston terrier which is one of our family’s perennial favorite breeds. They combine the traits of both working terriers and pet lap-dogs to make a unique combination. The Boston Terrier is a non sporting breed developed in Boston, Ma in the 1870s. Their lineage goes back to the 18th century English bulldog crossed with a variety of terrier breeds and also including some French Bulldog. The purpose of the breeding was to produce a non-working pet dog and that is what they are. Bostons love human companionship, are affectionate, smart and trainable but occasionally stubborn. They exhibit the terrier traits of speed, agility and persistence and when after small prey (lizards, bugs, frogs, gophers, etc) they never forget where they last saw them. Bostons typically come in black/white, brindle/white, brown/ white and rarely red/white. The white is always supposed to produce a ‘tuxedo’ pattern. True Fact: I once knew a farmer whose Boston Terrier served as his sheep dog! His Boston would follow commands to circle around the sheep and bring them in with speed, persistence and reliability. Personal observation: A well muscled Boston in good condition probably has more muscle for his size than almost any other animal. And they can move with the speed and accuracy of a cat. We have had two Bostons in our house and can personally recommend them as great friends, good entertainment and reliable companions for children. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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