Choc The Poodle Visited Us In Elk Grove

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Here at our Elk Grove pet vaccination clinic we have a picture of Choco the Poodle and his human. Poodles are a longtime tried and true favorite dog for a lot of reasons: They are smart, co-operative, healthy, strong AND their hair doesn’t shed! Who could ask for more? Poodles come in 3 sizes, the largest and original being the Standard Poodle which was bred in 15th century Germany as a hunting dog bred to hunt waterfowl. The middle size is called ‘Miniature Poodle’ and that is Choco’s size. The Miniature was bred to hunt for, find and dig truffles and does not retain the Standard’s affinity for water. The smallest size is the Toy and they are the group of Poodles which are bred to be house and lap dogs and they have no working capabilities at all. All working dogs are smart, trainable and interactive and the Miniature Poodle is no exception. Poodles like Choco seem like some of the best all-around pet and companion dogs. Miniatures can be counted on to richly reward their human for any time spent training and working together. – Geoffrey Antipa



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