Young Husky Named Coby Visited Us in South Sac

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Here at one of our South Sacramento clincs we have a picture of a great looking young Husky named Kobe. We have seen more Huskies in the last 3 years than in all our preceeding 37 years combined! I finally learned from a client (who watches more TV than we do) that the reason is the direwolves in ‘Game of Thrones’. We can’t say much about the fictional Direwolves, but we do know that Huskies are real working dogs who are derived from dogs which can endure the most difficult Arctic environment and can work harder than almost any other breed in the world. Real Huskies (as opposed to CG Huskies) have a significant requirement for good early training and a lifetime of adequate exercise. Here’s a rundown of the most common Husky types: The biggest Husky is the Malamute and there are 5 other types: Sakhalin Husky (Japan), Greenland Dog, Siberian Husky, and two from Alaska/Canada – the Mckenzie River Husky and the Alaskan Husky which is shown here and noted for fast sled pulling. They are closely related to or crossed with wolf, come in many colors and have light colored eyes which frequently show heterochromia (two different colored eyes on the same dog. These are high energy dogs which can be excitable (a handy trait when Polar Bears are a threat). According to Wikipedia, the term ‘Three Dog Night’ refers to an Arctic night which is so cold that a person would have to sleep with 3 Huskies to stay warm! – Geoffrey Antipa



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