Tara and Sesame are Maltipoo Mixes Who Visited Us In Modesto

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Tara and Sesame are Maltipoo Lhasa Apso dogs we saw at our Modesto clinic. This basically means hair piled on hair and then crossed with even more hair! The Maltipoo is a designer dog comprised of Maltese and Poodle. The Maltese have a single layer hair coat which grows endlessly and never sheds. The Poodle has a curly or silky hair coat which also grows perpetually and does not shed. So the Maltipoo is guaranteed to have long hair which does not shed and is therefore considered somewhat hypoallergenic. The Lhasa Apso is an ancient Asian breed which also has a characteristically generous coat which also grows perpetually and also does not shed. So it is clear that there is a lot of fun with all of these cheerful and playful breeds but it is also clear that living with them means living with a comb in hand. Or an occasional trip to the groomer! – Geoffrey Antipa



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