Doberman Puppy Named Thor Visited Our Rancho Cordova Clinic

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Here at our Rancho Cordova vaccine clinic, we have a great portrait of a young Doberman puppy named Thor and his whole human family. You can tell how young he is and how big he’s going to become by two clues: What will become a long tapered head still has a short and wide puppy nose and those paws are enormous for his size. This indicates how quickly he’s growing right now and how big he’s soon going to be. The Doberman Pinscher was developed in Germany around 1890 by a breeder named…wait for it . . . ‘Doberman’! who wanted to produce a strong, quick and fearless personal guardian dog. Trainability and loyalty have always been a prominent trait and they have served well as guard dogs, police dogs, and war dogs. Breeding since WWII has modulated their aggressive instinct and they now make reasonably good household alarm and pet dogs. Good training and socialization are important as some ‘Dobies’ can be quite nervous or high strung. Thorough training is particularly important if the Doberman Pinscher is to be reliable around young children. – Geoffrey Antipa



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