The Happy Pug named Ernie Visited Us In Sutterville

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This happy Pug named Ernie brought his owner with him to our vaccination clinic in the Sutterville area of Sacramento. Ernie, like practically all Pugs, was a good patient and good to have around. Pugs are an ancient breed documented to the 3rd century Han Dynasty of China and first brought from China to Europe in the 16th century. They may have derived from the ancient Molosser types of Greece and Rome and then carefully bred in China for their small size and agreeable temperament. The Chinese Pug was brought to Europe during the 16th century. The characteristic compact and well-muscled body with short muzzle later contributed to the breeding of the English Bull Dog and those Pug characteristics show in all bull-types. Pugs have also been used many times in the history of breeding to cross with pre-existing dogs to create new smaller breeds. Since the late 17th century and the reign of King Charles I the Pug was also crossbred with the original less attractive King Charles Spaniel to produce the forerunner of today’s popular King Charles Spaniel with its smaller size and cuter more shortened head. Remember that Pugs, along with all other brachycephalic breeds, have a limited cooling capacity due to their short face. We need to be careful that they don’t over-heat in the summer and we have to ensure that they stay well hydrated in the summer after exertion OR after vaccinations. – Geoffrey Antipa



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