Eva The Yorkie Pup Charmed Us In Stockton

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Here at Stockton, we see the cutest of the cute! Who could resist a little Yorkie like Eva? In spite of it’s pampered looks, the Yorkshire Terrier really is a working terrier. They were bred by the mid 19th-century cotton and wool millers in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, England for the express purpose of rat control. But that’s not all: Long after bull and bear baiting and dog fighting were outlawed in 1835, England continued to permit the blood sport of rat baiting. Unbelievably, in spite of their refined looks and sweet temperament, Yorkies were so good at their job that they also made their way into the commercial rat-baiting pits of the day and were quite competitive with the other bigger terriers and bull terriers at catching and fighting rats! Today’s Yorkie makes a great house pet and does not shed so is considered to be hypo-allergenic. One warning: Their coat will grow all the way to the floor if permitted so Yorkies require clipping or else constant grooming. – Geoffrey Antipa



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