Ernie The Pug Visited Us In Galt

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We see plenty of Pugs but here at Galt we got to see something uncommon – a Pug Puppy and he’s named Ernie. Chinese Pugs are a breed dating back to at least 3rd century China and in the intervening 1700 years, they have been crossbred into many other dog lines. Initially, the crossing was to produce the short and stout jaw of the bull-type dogs which were used in the blood sports of bull baiting and dog fighting. Far more commonly they have been used in crossbreeding for miniaturization of many pre-existing dog types. THe ancient Chinese breeding had as one of its primary goals development of a sweet temperament and that sweet temperament is still a reliable characteristic of today’s Pugs. It is important to remember that all the brachycephalic (short-faced) breeds have less cooling capacity than other breeds and therefore we need to worry more about them in the high heat of our valley summers. – Geoffrey



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