CharlieThe Corgi Visited Our Atwater Clinic

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Charlie is a Corgie (or Corgie mix) who came to our Atwater clinic and as you can see he is a co-operative little champ. The Welsh Corgi is divided into two breeds: The Cardigan is a little bigger, is VERY long and has a long straight tail. The Pembroke is shorter, still has a fairly long back and is either born with a short/curled tail or the tail is docked short within the first week of life. Both Corgies are descended from very old herding dogs which were perhaps brought to Wales by Viking or Flemish immigrants to tend their herds or flocks. Pembrokes are very efficient herders, working at the heels of individual cattle or sheep (or any other animal) and nipping at their nose should the animal try to turn the wrong way. They are very smart, very trainable, strong and alert but not needlessly noisy and they live a long life. These dogs can be excellent pets and would reward an owner who takes the time to train one. – Geoffrey Antipa



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