Daisy The Daschund Visited Our Merced Clinic

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Here at Merced we have a picture of a Dachshund named Daisy. The Doxi (weiner dog) may date to the ancient Egyptians as there are written references AND mummified remains to support this theory. At any rate, the modern dog was developed in Germany from crossing German, French and English hounds along with terriers. The result is a dog intended to hunt badger by locating the scent and chasing it into its burrow to either kill it or hold it for the hunters. This duty and also the blood sport of badger baiting required an exceptionally feisty, tenacious and fearless personality, thus the Dachshund has a combination of traits stemming from its scent hound ancestors and from its terrier ancestors, As pets, the Doxi can be a lot of fun, active and playful. It can also be stubborn and a problem digger but who could blame it for that knowing it’s background? The two sizes we see in the US are the Standard and now the more common Miniature as pictured here. As Daisy demonstrates, the most common hair type is short and smooth but some types can have longer and occasionally wiry hair. – Geoffrey Antipa



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