Kibum The Poodle Mix Visited Us In South Sacramento

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Here at our South Sacramento vaccination clinic, we got a chance to visit with a friend of the crew and his pet Kibum who is a dog with a very mixed pedigree. Kibum is part Poodle, part Pomeranian, and part Border Collie. We have forgotten which breeds were the mother and which were the father and sometimes that makes a difference. When we know what breed the mother is then we know half of the genetics of a pup. When we know what breed(s) the father is we know the other half of the pup’s genetics. . . .BUT . .there can be a catch. Because litters always contain more than one pup and because female dogs are able to become pregnant over a period of several day’s breedings, it is entirely possible that while we know of some breeding with a male, we may not know all of the matings that occurred over the course of the week. Therefore, it is possible for different pups in the same litter to have different sires (fathers) and sometimes we don’t even know about them. In the case of Kibum, it is hard to see the Border Collie in him so next time we get a chance to talk with the owner we’ll find out more about the story. In any case, Kibum is a great dog, a great patient and, because he is crossbred, is going to be healthy and happy. – Geoffrey Antipa



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