Coco is an Australian and Poodle Mix Who Visited Us In Manteca

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Here at Manteca, we have an unusual dog. Coco is an Australian and Poodle mix and you can see that by the two characteristics of his coat. He has a clearly Poodle type dense curly hair and the distribution of white on his breast and legs reflects the color distribution of the Australians. The nice thing about crossbreeding is that often the problems (either physical or temperamental) of either parental breed are ameliorated in the mixed breed puppy and conversely any particular strengths of either parent are often expressed in the crossbred puppy. Therefore the crossbred dog often is a mixture of the best of both parental worlds. This is called ‘hybrid vigor’ and is an important concept to remember when you are looking for a new dog. And there are plenty of crossbreds just waiting for new families at your local Animal Shelter 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa



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