Agnes the Poodle Visited Us In Turlock

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Agnes the Poodle packed up her own and brought her along to our vaccination clinic in Turlock. By her size, we can figure that Agnes is a Toy Poodle because she stands under 11″ high at the shoulder. Poodles of all sorts (Standard, Miniature, Toy and Teacup) are derived from the Pudelhund of 15’th century Germany as and that dog, as the name implies, was a working water dog. The large Standard Poodle can still be used as hunting retriever. All Poodles still have a dense hair coat which is nearly waterproof and does not shed and so are considered to be hypoallergenic. Of course this hair type requires clipping or constant grooming but the wonderful companionship and great temperament of all the smaller varieties makes it worthwhile. Miniature and Toy poodles are among the nicest of the small breeds we see at our clinics. – Geoffrey Antipa



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