Benji The Brussels Griffon Visited Us In Fairfield

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Benji visited us at our Fairfield Suisun vaccination clinic. His exact breeding is not documented though it is obvious that he is representative of the Brussels Griffon Type. There is not a lot of background information about the Brussels Griffon because they were informally developed by stable keepers of mid 19th century Belgium. In an effort to produce better ratters they crossed the local terrier-like Smoushond (Griffon d’Ecurie which means wiry coated stable dog) with one or more of the following breeds: Pug, King Charles Spaniel and Affenpinscher. They got a lin34 of dogs which have three characteristic appearances: The Brussels Griffon, the Belgian Griffon, and the small short hair Petit Barbacoa. This relatively rare breed is loving, alert and active but not highly trainable. – Geoffrey Antipa



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