Jobie the Border Collie Visited Us In Galt

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Here at Galt, Jobie, the Border Collie reminds us of just how close the relationship between a dog and its owner can be. In my experience, the Border Collie may be the working dog which has the strongest affinity for and attachment to its owner. The Border Collie is a (sheep) herding dog developed in the English-Scottish border region 130 years ago. They are superb herders and are by all accounts the most intelligent and trainable of all dogs. That’s the good news. The bad news is that unless these dogs are being kept busy, given exercise and given plenty of attention they will entertain themselves by inventing destructive diversions. The Border Collie is an excellent and persistent herding dog which always wants to chase. Any owner who wants a devoted pet which can learn almost anything and which will work with its owner in all circumstances will be richly rewarded by a productive relationship with a Border Collie. – Geoffrey Antipa



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