Zoe The Blue Merle Catahoula Visited Us In Fairfield

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Here’s a second chance at Fairfield Suisun to see a dog whose picture I lost last year! Zoe is (still) a blue merle Catahoula who has a classic appearance. The dog we commonly know as ‘Catahoula’ was originally called a Catahoula Cur and then later classed as the Catahoula Leopard Dog. Though the Catahoula is sometimes erroneously called a Hound, is it actually a Cur Dog from the Catahoula Parish of Louisiana. (Cur is the traditional designation for short haired working farm dogs from the 19th century) The Catahoula was once thought to be a cross of ancient dog breeds which accompanied human migration from Asia to the Americas or the Catahoula may be a cross of European dogs which were brought to America in the 19th century. This second theory is consistent with them being considered to be a Cur dog. In any case, new DNA analysis indicates they are not descended from whatever primitive dogs were native to the Americas. Catahoulas are formidable hunters which serve as both hound-like trackers and bay dogs. Colors include red merle, the less common blue merle, tricolor and more. – Geoffrey Antipa



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