Harper The Golden Retriever Visited Us in Brentwood

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Harper is a classic looking Golden Retriever seen at our Brentwood clinic. These intelligent and gentle natured dogs have developed in mid 19th century Scotland as retrievers for shot waterfowl. The need for a new breed at the time was brought about by the introduction of more powerful hunting guns with the result that waterfowl were being shot in greater numbers and at a greater distance than previously. So it is that the Golden, as it was developed, has a lot of strength, loves water and swimming, has a gentle mouth and has a dense double coat which has the advantage of keeping them warm as well as repelling water. The golden color can vary from almost white to a dark mahogany and the body type can vary from the very heavy English line through the American line and to the quite tall Canadian line. They make excellent pets, can be trained to do anything and need plenty of exercises every day. Golden Retrievers (like Labradors) are far too friendly to serve as guard dogs but are the best of the large family pet dogs. – Geoffrey Antipa




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