Roxie The Shiba-Inu Came To Our Vallejo Vaccination Clinic

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Roxie came to our Vallejo vaccination clinic for her shots and gives us a rare opportunity to see a perfect example of the exotic Shiba-Inu breed. The Shiba Inu is one of the ancient Asian Spitz breeds dating to the 3rd century and which originate in Siberia and the Arctic. ‘Inu’ means ‘dog’ in Japanese and the Shiba is the smaller of the Japanese Spitz hunting dogs and exhibits a cold adapted heavy double coat, short ears, and small eys. The Shiba-Inu is typically alert, agile and loyal to its family but often reserved around strangers and potentially hostile to other dogs. For a Shiba to be a good reliable house pet, it needs thoughtful and consistent early training. -Geoffrey Antipa



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