Elmo and Simba The Lhaso Apso Siblings Visited Us In Fairfield

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Elmo and Simba are two good looking Lhasa Apso dogs who came to our Fairfield Suisun vaccination clinic. Sometimes it is confusing trying to decide the breed of some of the similar looking long haired dogs, but even though these two have a body clip for the summer, their heads and faces are classic Lhasa. The Lhasa is a 4.000 yr old breed that comes from the Lhasa region of Tibet and is considered one of the ancient breeds closely related to wolves. They originally served as sentry dogs for Tibetan nobility and Buddhist monasteries. In conjunction with the formidable Tibetan Mastiff, they made a reliable and effective alarm and protection combination. THey have good health and longevity but require correct socialization due to their natural wariness of strange dogs and people. Lhasas make a good loyal and entertaining pet which also sheds little and is therefore hypoallergenic. – Geoffrey Antipa



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