A 2 Month Old American Bully Visited Us In Merced

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Here at our Merced vaccination clinic, we see a tiny example of the relatively new breed called American Bully. As will be seen when he grows up and as indicated by the name, the AB is a variation on the American Pit Bull Terrier, having been crossed with Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Old English Bulldogs. (Remember the original Old English Bulldog is extinct so it, too, is an American creation), The American Bully is a compact, wide and heavily muscled dog with wide-sprung ribs and a square heavily muscled head. All these fearsome physical characteristics belie a more mild temperament than its progenitors. The American Bully has been bred to be a reliable and loyal house pet but still is capable of returning to its distant fighting origins so it should be socialized early to humans and also to other dogs. – Geoffrey Antipa



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