Maggie The Dappled Long Hair Dachshund Visited Us In Lodi

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WOW! Here we were at Lodi when we saw Maggie who is a Dappled Long Hair Dachshund. She has everything going for her and she knows it. The Doxie or Dachshund is a curious breed, part terrier (that’s the digging & feisty part) and part Hound (that’s the scent hound part). Their distant ancestors may date to ancient Egypt and their more recent ones date to the 15th century. Standard Doxies were refined for following and chasing Badgers into their den to flush them out into the hands of the hunters and the miniature Doxies were bred to do the same to rabbits. The stout uplifted tail is there as a ‘handle’ by which the hunter can extract a Doxie stuck in a burrow. Doxies (Dachshunds) come in smooth coat, long silky coat, wire coat and a wide variety of colors. The common colors include black/tan, red, shaded color with black back hairs and rarely merle or dapple and the most uncommon color called Piebald. Dappling can be blue dapple, red dapple, tri or bi-color. This color can be safely produced by crossing a dapple dog with a non-dapple dog and the dappling will manifest in half the pups. However, there is some risk in this color pattern and if two Dapples are bred together there is the risk that 25% of the pups will show too much white or piebald and this condition is associated with intolerance to some drugs and hearing problems. Breeding two of these doubles or piebald dogs will result in problems with all the pups, but in the case of Maggie the breeding is good and the dappling is perfect. Good entertaining and independent pets but a little stubborn when it comes to training. – Geoffrey Antipa



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