Lucy the Great Dane Visited Us In Tracy

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Lucy the Great Dane came to our Tracy clinic and like all Danes, she stood tall for her shots. There are Great Dane-like dogs on Egyptian monuments from 3,000 BC and on Greek frescoes dating to 1,500 BC. The breed as we know it dates to 16’th century (AD) Europe and continued development to the 19’th century. The Great Dane is a surprising combination of size and good temper. They have earned the nickname ‘Gentle Giant’ because they are consistently good with people, families and other animals. Unfortunately they are also known as the ‘heartbreak’ breed because they can suffer from congenital heart problems which may shorten their already short life span. We may expect an average Dane to live 6 – 8 years with some only lasting 4 years while a few make it to 10 yrs. As with all giant breeds, hip dysplasia can be a problem as can be vision and hearing. Guinness Record tallest dog is a Great Dane 44 inches from ground to shoulder top.- Geoffrey Antipa



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