Khalessi, Mother of Dra…Oh wait, we meant, The Boxer, Visited Us In Merced

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Khalessi the Boxer was photographed at our Merced pet vaccination clinic. While boxers can have sort of a black mask around their muzzle, their predominant body color is typicaly brown to brindle. This presents the possibility that Khalessi may also include a little Lab breeding. The Boxer as we know it today is a lighter, smaller and faster version of the original hunting dogs and was carefully developed in Germany around 1894. During WWI boxers were used extensively as pack, messenger and attack dogs but it was not until WWII that they were brought back and introduced to dog owners in the United Sates. Today’s Boxers come in multiple solid and brindled colors including white but never pure black. Unfortunately, among a long list of physical problems is the tendency for developing cancers so the median lifespan is only about 10 years. Boxers make excellent house pets, are loyal and patient with children but they have a lot of energy and require competent training and plenty of exercise. – Geoffrey Antipa



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