Steven The German Shepherd Visited Us In Brentwood

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One dog at Brentwood was named Seven! He’s a young German Shepherd and I love to write about these dogs because it presents the opportunity to think about this breed’s remarkable strengths but also the chance to consider their weaknesses. The German Shepard is a relatively new dog from the mid 19th Century which was bred in Germany from sheep-herding dogs and perhaps some wolf. They are highly trainable, very intelligent and are the 3’rd best learners of the Dog World. The flip side to the shepherd’s remarkable intelligence is that if left to its own devices or if left without plenty of human contacts and training the Shepherd can develop some disagreeable habits and psychological problems. Also, they are strong and loyal but can carry some physical flaws which should be carefully investigated before buying or breeding them. Start training your Shepherd early and expect a long and rewarding relationship with this universally capable breed. – Geoffrey Antipa



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